Summer is a great time for road trips and long drives. However, the hot weather can take a toll on your car if it is not properly maintained. Here are some tips to keep your car in great condition for summer travel:

Check the coolant levels: The coolant helps the engine from getting heated up and breaking down. It’s important to check the coolant levels, especially prior to taking a long car trip. If your car’s coolant is running low, you can just add the right kind of coolant that’s recommended for your vehicle.

Change the oil: Getting your oil changed regularly is a must if you want to keep your motor running like it should. In summer, the engine has to work harder and gets hot quicker so make sure you stay on top of your oil change schedule. Don’t forget to change the oil before hitting the road on a long journey. Make sure to use the type of oil recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Check the air conditioning: The air conditioning is essential during the hot summer months. With summer just around the corner, it’s important to make sure your AC is up and running. Give it a check now, just to be safe and if there are any issues, see about getting them fixed.

Check the tires: The heat of the summer can cause tires to swell, which can result in them bursting. Although this is rare with modern tires, it still happens! Don’t forget to check the air pressure of your tires every now and then and make sure they’re inflated to the right amount. Make sure you take a look at the tire treads too, and change them out if necessary.

Check the battery: Hot climates can lead to battery problems due to overheating. Go look at your battery terminals for any signs of rust and if needed ask your mechanic to help and give them a good clean, and be sure to ask and have your battery’s voltage checked, and replace it if it is weak.

Check the brakes: The hot weather can cause the brakes to wear out faster. Make sure that you check the brake pads and rotors regularly, and replace them if they are worn out. You should also check the brake fluid levels and top it up if necessary. If you don’t know how to evaluate this system then bring it to a reputable mechanic and have them inspect it for you.

Keep an emergency kit: Make sure you have an emergency kit ready in your car when you hit the road, especially for long journeys. It’s important to be prepared in case of any unexpected situation. Make sure you pack a first aid box, flashlight, some extra H2O and some snacks for your trip! It’s important to make sure you have a spare, a jack and a lug wrench on hand in case of an emergency.

Keep great care of your car and it will do a great job taking care of you!  Stay alert and focused on your long drives and enjoy the beautiful weather!  We are here should you need help with any auto body issues and wish you a wonderful summer full of great travels!