Planning a Successful Family Road Trip

It’s vacation months and many of us can use a break from what we’ve gone through last year. Many of us will be traveling to destinations and we have some tips to make your car trip go as smooth as possible. Properly planning your road trip is key to getting there safely, and keeping your kids happy.

Plan Your Route

We are all very comfortable using our GPS but spend a few minutes and review your route and possibly plan on modifying it so that you’re not taking odd shortcuts your car’s GPS wants you to go through.

Screen time IS Your Friend

Streaming movies is an amazing way to keep your kids entertained in the car. Did you know the Netflix app lets you download movies onto your device? So why not load a couple of great kid movies on your tablet and let them get lost in a film while you focus on the road.

Parks and National Parks Are A Must!

A walk in nature will eliminate motion sickness, reset your kids mood, and possibly give you some great new stories for the future!

Lastly, before you get in your car give it a quick inspection and make sure that your tires are fully inflated, your gas tank is filled up, wiper fluid is full, and everything looks solid. We wish you many wonderful and happy miles if you’re driving during these vacation months!

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