As we all know Memorial Day weekend means that roads will be packed so we wanted to share some tips for safe and enjoyable driving during this holiday weekend!


Let’s keep them properly inflated especially if you are going away this weekend. Save few bucks on gas and more importantly have better traction and a safer drive!


Do you have a “cake” of pollen on your windshield? Visibility is key so make sure you give it a good wipe either at home or the next time you are at a gas station.

Driving and Staying Alert

We have all been there where the drive starts to feel a bit boring. Be sure to rest up and recharge before your trip. If you are drifting a little then play a game with the kids (I like to ask my kids to name all food items for each letter of the alphabet! What foods can you name that start with the letter “Q”?!). Ask the family if they know why we celebrate Memorial Day and why it’s important! If need be pull over, get everyone out of the car and stretch a little!

Turn off the Engine When Parked and let it Cool!

When you are at a parking lot (and out of the car) turn off the engine and let it cool a little. Sometimes people leave their cars running while they step out for awhile. Turning off the engine will save you fuel and will let your engine rest a little instead of working extra hard to keep itself cool and ventilated.

Stephen’s Auto Body Shop wishes you a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! Safe Travels Everyone!  If you have any concerns with your car’s body condition then contact our auto body shop or give us a call!