Spring is here and we wanted to share with you some simple car maintenance tips so that you can continue to enjoy driving in the warm months while your car maintains its optimal safety and performance conditions!

Car Maintenance You Can Do!

On a nice sunny day we recommend you give your car a nice inside cleaning. Spring pollen is in the air, and probably all over the surface areas inside of your car. Get a damp cloth and give the inside of your car a solid wipe. While at it, tidy it up the inside by washing your floor mats, emptying any trash and removing any snow gear you won’t need. A clean car is more enjoyable to ride in and wiping off the pollen will keep the sneezing and coughing to a low.

Make sure you are not riding on your snow tires anymore. We should be out of the snow months (fingers crossed!) so why not improve your fuel efficiency and save the snow tires rubber by swapping them out.

Check your wiper blades! Spring can bring a lot of rain so consider replacing them if you haven’t done so in awhile. You can look up on YouTube how to replace your blades and can get this done in 20 minutes. This is a great way to improve your vehicle’s overall safety.

Lastly, give your car a good body cleaning! Spray off any excess salt, sand and other road gunk that may be stuck to the body. Be sure to spray under the car as you don’t want anything stuck there which may corrode the body.

If you have any concerns with your car’s body condition then contact our auto body shop or give us a call!