Check Car Tire Tread And Pressure

Start planning on changing your winter tires to non-winter ones. Plus check the condition of any worn out or damaged tire treads before driving this season, as it may be dangerous during spring nights when icy conditions return as night temperatures drop. Plus spring rain/melt-off will make roads slippery at times too!
Don’t forget that a higher average temperature can also alter car’s tire pressures which means you’ll want to verify their pressure so that your car remains safe to drive and saves your fuel usage.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

We all know that winter is the time to buy new wipers, but did you also consider how quickly they degrade in ice-cold weather? It’s best not wait until your vision gets blurry before replacing them.  If they are starting to go, don’t wait on it and get them replaced!   Your vehicle manual should provide general guidance on blade replacement as well as when each filter needs changing!

Give it a Wash!

Spring cleaning your car is one of the best ways to start off this new year. After winter months with bad weather, it’s time for some spring-time maintenance and care on our vehicles! Road grime becomes more noticeable as temperatures rise throughout March so be sure to give the under body a good wash and don’t forget that auto detailing services can turn back the years on your car!

The car is a place where we spend so much time in, and it’s important to keep things clean. An antibacterial cleaner can help you do just that! Remember the places on your vehicle with frequent hand contact: steering wheel, door handles (especially those inside), seatbelt buckle/door unlocks– these are all great candidates for an antibacterial cleaner treatment.

Stephens Auto Body Shop Spring Car Maintenance Tips